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What do you plan on using your A1200 for?

If you want the fastest performance you should use Workbench 3.1. The only real advantage of running 3.5/3.9 is the better Datatypes and Icons systems, which are the main reasons why 3.5/3.9 are so slow! Just about everything else can be provided with free apps and patches.

I'd recommend running your Workbench in 16 colours and locking the palette with FullPalette, enhancing the look with VisualPrefs.

You don't have to believe me if you don't want, but I have been running Workbench for ages and I know all about making it run faster, smoother, and looking better. And increasing your colours only slow things down. If your applications need more than 16 colours, run them on another screen... this isn't Winblows where every program needs to open in the same screen and desktop space, spread things over several screens, each one tweaked for the application running on it. For example, you probably only need 4 colours for a text editor.
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