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Originally Posted by Rabbit80 View Post
Now that I have my 68030 /40Mhz Apollo card how do I tune Workbench for maximum performance?

I have 3.0 Roms - Can I run OS3.5?
How do I make sure all caches are on?
Can I boot from my drive if I convert it to SFS?
Can I relocate my kickstart into Fast Mem?
Any libraries optimised for 68030 that improve performance?
Other suggestions?

Currently running in 640x512x32 screenmode and using ClassicWB ADVSP as a base.



A couple of things to think about, the more patches you put on the less 'stable' your system will be (in theory).

My current setup (AGA only A1200):
  • 3.1 ROMS
  • OS 3.9 + BB2
  • BlazeWCP
  • IconBeFast
  • FBlit + FText
  • BlizKick with various performance enhancements
I run this at 640x480 (Multiscan + VGA only monitor drivers) which gives a rock steady progressive VGA display on my CRT thanks to my IndivisionAGA. Because of these patches I can also run in the maximum 256 colour mode with reasonable speed (030 @ 50mhz with 64mb ram) and chipram usage.

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