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Originally Posted by View Post
I know that my LCD TV (LG M1921A 1024x768) is OK with standard PAL 640x256 but IT IS NOT USABLE in PAL 640x512 resolution. It's not a personal opinion, everybody can immediately see how bad it is working and I'm not talking about slight movement, but about a simple static image too.
...and why Amiga users should be so crazy to buy an expansive Indivision AGA 1200 scandoubler flickerfixer if *ALL* LCD TV work fine?
Ermmmm, lol, thats right, its a £100 flicker fixer, nothing else.
Obviously they buy it for the higher resolutions.

Point is, you aint explained properly.

Again are you talking about the whole picture moving 1 pixel left then 1 pixel right, constantly?

Regarding flickering, say you opened and closed your eyes very very fast, it would give the effect that flickering gives.
This is basically what flickering means.

Im just having trouble, understanding it, as I have worked on LCD's since their release (main brands and cheapo brands).
I have never ever seen 1 flicker.

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