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Personally, I think they would have faced the same situation as the MaC, and become a very, very small and niche market. And probably not quite as successful as those even. :\

That is, if one has to believe that the Amiga must be a home computer first, and a games-console second. On the other hand, this was also a part of the reason why the Amiga worked in the first place... It was both a console and a PC, all in one. So maybe shifting to Console wouldn't have worked...

Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
Still, the big problem was that AGA, 16-bit sound, and CD-ROM just took too long. If they could have gotten that technology out three or four years earlier, it could have proven decisive. Imagine what might have happened if the 1200 had arrived in 1988, for instance.

One of my favorite scenarios is what might have happened if Commodore had licensed out its Amiga OS and let all component/computer manufacturers compete to provide cheaper and better systems. There was still a gap there between DOS and Windows 95 that could have been filled quite nicely. Of course, not sure how the Motorolas could have competed with the Intels at that point, especially after the Pentium in 93.
The Motorola's would not have competed very well against the power of the Pentium I'm afraid. The genius of Vinod Dham and the Intel dev-teams simply can't be denied.

I agree that a release of A1200 earlier could have made LOTS of stuff happen tho. Lots of interesting possibilities. Most have been referred to earlier in this thread tho, methinks.

You mention the idea of the Amiga going more PC, opening up it's hardware a bit more, like what IBM did with PC, but then wouldn't Amiga have become like the PC? Would it still have been the Amiga we know and love then...?

Food for thought.
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