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Sorta getting back to Amiga

Since I've made a couple of posts, I just thought I'd introduce myself.

I've had an Amiga since about 89 or 90, but for the past several years they've been boxed up since I haven't had the room for them. Lately, I've been using WinUAE (thank you Toni Wilen ).

I'm located in the middle of the US in a veritable wasteland of Amiga technology. I'm about 2 hours southwest of Wichita (where I used to be able to buy software at Grapevine Computer) in a little town in Oklahoma where I think I'm probably the only Amiga user around. There used to be a couple others about a decade ago (I sold them my old A500 and A2000 machines), but they aren't around anymore (and I got the machines back for next to nothing).

Looks like a great site here. Glad to be a part of the Amiga computer society.
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