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What's the latest version of icon.library for OS3.9?

I was playing around ICONBEFAST the other night and noticed the following in the readme:

This patch is appended with 2 extra hunks to the icon.library.
The supported iconlibs are v44.532, v44.543, v45.1 and v45.4.
Since v45.5 is a special version for older WB 3.1 Amigas with
68000, most users will not need it. I would recommend v45.4.6!
V45.5.5 has no data hunk for its cache and can work from ROM.

Now I know that V45.1 came with BB2 and that you can get V45.4 from AmiKit but what about this v45.4.6 mention it the same thing?

I also found this:

Patch for the 45.1 icon.library (3.9 BB2)
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