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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
If they work with WHDload - download Skick click on the icon, this will bring up a GUI and list avalible kickstarts

I think ill have to get an LCD - do games look good on the LCD? -do they blur when scrolling

Try what StingRay said 'CPU cache burst' or type CPU ? for all commands ive only used this to help run a few CD32 games
I'll try it tomorrow..

My advice with LCD is to get a 100Hz model - much smoother and less blurry. They are not quite as sharp as CRT when scrolling, but not exactly awful either

I'll look into the CPU command - i guess if i softkick, I won't need to use FASTROM on that?

How do I upgrade my ClassicWB install to OS3.5? Do I have all the software I need with my AF2008 CD?
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