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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Why not ? Others can help you. If not with code itself, it's by testing.
Writing code patches is non-trivial. You not only need knowledge about the game's code and about the patching mechanism itself, but they also have to be written in a specific way so they work with all four versions of the game's main executable (Am2_Blit and Am2_CPU, English and German). I don't think anyone can help me there.

And as for testing... I check and test any change I make as thoroughly as possible.

For example, the new memory allocator was tested in a stand-alone version first. I simulated all possible memory configurations and single-stepped through the code to check that it works correctly in all of them. It did. I never had a problem with it since injecting it into the game either and I play the game regularly for weeks now with that code.

Other things are utterly trivial to test. All text-related changes, for example. First you fix the maelstrom message, then you fly there with the eagle and look at the result... And even that is not really required once you understand how the game processes the text stuff internally.

So, I don't really see the need for other testers at this moment.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
So how do you activate your new feature ? Could be by reading the rune paper once again (instead of weird keyboard combination or something).
The auto-deruner (and several other things) are activated by icon tooltypes:


This also works if you run the game from CLI/shell (or boot from disks), of course. The icon is always there and it's simply the proper way to do this. This way, the auto-deruner works like the real rune alphabet in your game box, simply use it at your leisure.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I know, I did a few of them. But I was too lazy to fix them all
Hhm. You could have done it properly and released it together with your other fixes...

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
If you play smart, you look at the item characteristics before wearing something and a cursed item isn't a problem either
How many (new) players actually know that there are cursed items, well, that one item? Up to that point (killing Sansrie), there is no indication. Even the game's manual mentiones the probability with only one sentence.

Sure, you encounter the "remove curses" spell scrolls, but I believe most players think this is like "remove madness" or "remove blindness". And as a result, they might learn the spell "to cure cursed characters" but will never use it, of course, as this never happens.

So equipping the Snake Helmet rightaway after you find it is quite normal, I think. And it ruins your game. Which is BAD.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
This is easy to do with the lich crown and a little training in Burnville. But before that, Nelvin has non-0 risks of missing, and not only this destroys the scroll, but you'll also waste some SLP ! This forces to save-restore games for the first few spells (e.g. Lame) you try to learn (even though risk is low if you use the necromancer dagger).
There is not a single spell you really need to learn on the initial island. LAME makes it easier, of course, but you can do without (I have).
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