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When did CD-Rom enter the mass market? When „7th Guest“ and „Star Wars: Rebel Assault“ came out in '93. Those games were revolutionary and I think, that was the end of Amiga.

But why weren't these games released for CDTV or CD32? Somehow the publishers had lost their interest in Amiga. There was no better protection against piracy in those days than publishing on a CD. So the piracy argument is no argument at all. The Amiga was highly dependant on the games that were produced for it (much more than PC, for example).

Why didn't Commodore's management foresee this? Why didn't they take measures? Was it greed, incompetence or just disinterest?

Of course money could have kept Amiga alive. But not the classic Amiga as we know it. Commodore had driven that one against a rock solid concrete wall, already.
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