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Okays, thanks for updating this thread, Nova ^^

Now.. it seems my WLAN is an ORiNOCO 11b card... with "awlan ws8p" in small print underneath. Only text I can find about it on the 'tinternet is for Linux/BSD drivers..... nothing about what chipset it might be based on o0r anything

Got the card from AmigaKit, so I would presume it's tested and works corectly with EasyNET.... but I'm out of luck getting it to work...

Got it working once, with MiamiDX, then I turned the Amiga off and came back some hours later, and suddenly it didn't work anymore.

Light on the card is blinking steadily, and I have roughly the same problem as NovaCoder reported here in the first posts.... it says "connected" but can't ping anything, cant ping the Amiga from neither the Redmond-based computer nor the routers' ping-ability.


Why did I decide to try wireless... I hate it with a passion already, why did I get meself one of those dreaded things
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