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*Only Amiga makes the best diskloading sounds ever (especially heavy-loading brr-brrrrrrrrr it's music to my ears

*Crunching/decrunching is cool with the color-bars and flickering LEDS

*Animated Icons when clicking on them in Workbench

*Workbench has no horrible Windowslike registry with millions of entries like c539875-578357-4897387895 that eventually lets your windows die if corrupted or because of too much leftovers of failed uninstalls

*No spyware
*No swapfiles
*No services

*No Superfetch and Indexing crap running in the background
*Amiga has perfect smooth scrolling screens, try that with 60hz vsync :-D
*Kickstart! It's like having the Windows GUI in the BIOS chip.

Would be cool to see a PC Game-DVD actually running its own bootloader and filesystem starting-up right after the PC-BIOS screen without having to install anything or the need of Windows/Linux etc, like some NDOS Amiga games had..
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