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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Ive watched your videos thanks - your icons load slow, do you Skick? or maybe you just need to free up some chip mem and where do you get your cool B&W backdrops?

I'm planning on doing some more showing AGA demos and some games now that I've got the capture box. Most Amiga videos are either with a wonky video camera showing nasty CRT screen flicker or off UAE which is cheating

Yep my icons are a little slow, that's because it's running in 256 colors 640x480 @ 65hz. The AGA chipset really suffers beyond about 64 colors but I like a nice desktop

You can speed it up by using something like FBblit but that was causing all sorts of display issues issues for me. More free chipram won't speed up the icon rendering I'm afraid.
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