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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
I don't believe Commodore were wrong in developing the CDTV. In fact I think it was a very brave move. OK, it was a commercial failure, but they could see the possibilities for the future of home entertainment. The technology just wasn't quite there yet to deliver the full vision they had. And only really now with the PS3 and Xbox 360 are we starting to see the real ideas behind a true multimedia platform being realised. Therefore Commodore were really 20 years ahead in he ideas they had behind the CDTV.

The CD32 on the other hand was a big mistake. It was a last ditch attempt to try and catch up with the games industry, which it could see was quickly moving away from home computers as the main platform for gaming, and into the console market. They should have instead concentrated on delivering an official CD drive for the A1200 and A4000. I think had they done that we would have seen a lot more software and games development for CD on the Amiga.
Although the CDTV was an amazing product (and well ahead of it's time) they didn't seem to have a specific target audience in mind and didn't even seem sure what it was themselves.

I actually think the CD32 was a great idea but they handled it all wrong. It should have been designed in parallel with a CD equipped A1200 (both would have had a 'chunky' chip, both would have been able to play MPEG1 and each other's software out of the box). This would have really helped both of them shift units and CDROM based games really started taking off around 93/94.

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