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Smile Workbench 2.* install whdload etc...

Please help, ancient toys (amiga site which has now disappeared??) used to have a step by step to install workbench 2.* to a hdd. (and 1.3 ,3.* etc)

Although it was more for winuae it showed the bit I need to know.
I have a A500+ with a gvp hd8+ with 8mb fast ram, it has workbench 2.* on it.
I have a null modem cable and a pc connected via amiga explorer so to drag files over not a problem.

I want to install whdload and have the file from the website, it's a lzx archive, can anyone please help this idiot in how to step by step with shell commands, download the lha and lzx tools, install them (including which folders they need to be in.) and then extract whdload to the correct place so it can all work. "But on a real amiga not a winuae version"

I love you long time for this, I did have a print out for it but cannot find it the guide was soooo easy, does anyone know if a copy of it exists anywhere on the net? I've tried jambo's but that doesn't explain the whole lha and lzx bit too well for a dumba*s like me

It showed a lha tool and a lzx tool, it made me type shell commands to install both of them to certain places, then it told me to put some kickstart files in a folder in devs/kickstarts, then with the lha, lzx tools installed I could then extract the whdload archive again to a certain location (can't remember) then I worked out the rest.

It must be still on the net somewhere, it needs to be a sticky as it was so useful for people who were amiga gamers only (in the 90's) and who struggle with shell, and extracting I was just getting to grips with it, but this was 3 ish years ago I moved house since then and my print out of it has gone missing.

Thanks for listening, sorry I can't give you your time back be a hero and help.

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