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The PC got cloned, and this opened up a much nicer licensing option for component manufacturers. The PC was built to replace everything on the bus, CPU, bigger harddisk, etc. Whereas for Amiga, C= didn't make or actively help bring replacement cards and components to make the Amiga stay ahead.

Business people could see that, and also Microsoft had jumped on first the IBM bandwagon and then the clones bandwagon. IBM, cheap clones, and Microsoft were the hottest buzzwords then. With hundreds of companies being able to promote the PC via its (fill in the rest, cheap computers, components, software,...), the PC was hugely promoted from all kinds of places, and Amiga was really less known than the rest of the "home computers" in the USA, which is where the "PC happened".

IBM and later PC manufs spent gazillions on supporting devs of hardware and software, tbh I dunno where all the Amiga profits went.

Perhaps to CDTV and CD32, if so, it was a bad bet. People who pay for software and components don't spend their money on CD players and consoles, assuming they could be expanded or "installed to" in the first place.

Maybe if they had spent the money on an "expandable enough" desktop computer for serious work and serious games (that didn't cost $3000 and was actually advertised) in 1987... but in 1987 the IBM PC was 6 years old and had already gained velocity in the hardware race.

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