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just stuff I mentioned earlier

superfrogs red mouthed bees at intro
yitu in bodyblows is screwed
opengl screens not showing everything -swiv and many others
those virtual floppy improvements plus shortcut keys to exchanging disks (use hd games much easier :-) )
skicky shift key in pinball games
fast copper improvement
rainbow islands fix
centering of games not causing garbage on right hand side of screen in normal display mode (opengl taking over from this?)

theres probably more but I dont come here often and I dont keep track of such things really but just wondering thats all.
certainly this release is the best yet. Emulators always need SO MUCH WORK winuae is pretty close to perfect.. just a few things ya know.. I just like to see sofware updated especially the stuff I use :-)
its just nice to see what is being updated or what could be updated while your holding out for the next version.

Good work..
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