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Hi there, first of all i would like to thank and congratulate Dary for the great effort he's doing developing AmigaSYS.
Your package is really useful and works really nice.

Once done this, i would like to comment a problem that's annoying me since a while ago.
I'm using AmigaSYS3plus on one of my A1200 and i've been noticing some issue since i changed my monitor for a TFT. The fact is everytime i run the program SYSinfo it seems like the monitor loses the image... i get a weird fuzzy screen for one second and then the NO SIGNAL message from the TFT OSD. I have the same issue with the pointer preferences if i don't set the screen mode to 256 colours no matter what resolution.

The problem seems to be happening to me either using AmigaSYS4 on the other A1200 and the TFT monitor. This didn't happen on the old CRT and it's happening either on other TFT i borrowed from a friend.

Plus i discovered if i boot up from the original workbench disk, i don't have any kind of problem. So i think i can discard some kind of hardware fault.

What could i do?
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