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mouse problems on winUAE

me again, long time lurk, small time learning, also i ask dumb questions occasionally....

i had winUAE on my laptop like 6 months ago and it was fine.

but now on my desktop i am having endless trouble with the mouse.

i dont know whats going on but on every rom i load right clicking either doesnt work altogether or it sends the cursor to the bottom right of the screen depending on the game.

so basically everything is working fine, except when i use the right click function in a game it either does not register and adoes nothing OR it positions the cursor into the bottom right corner of the screen.

this is really weird and very annoying.

i have tried changing the input settings to all sorts but they all do nothing to fix the problem.

i have the latest version of win UAE, i am using an A1200 kickstart rom, the problem occurs on all roms...... like every game i play (dammit) and i am using win xp.

if you want more info please ask, also, thanks in advance to you guys because i know you will solve my problem because you are awesome like that. cheers.
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