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Well after seeing this thread and in the past never having any luck with psx emu's actually running games i thought i'd give it a go again. I must say i'm suprised .. flabbergasted even .. ePSX runs games fantastically! I ran upstairs to where the missus was just hacking some zombies apart or summat on Evil Dead (on real PSX) and raided some of the CD's ... the result is that i can now play some PSX games without having to fight with her (and the kids when they are awake) for the real machine :}
It runs fast and fine with hardly any problems.
This snapshot is ePSX running in window mode (800x600) on a 1600x1024x32 (85hz) desktop .. As you can see i can still see IRC and other shit in the background. The game had full GFX and Sound
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