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Originally Posted by Tempest 2084 View Post
Wow. I almost sent a ticket in asking for the upgrade until I noticed the date on the first post.
I apologize for the thread necromancy - I didn't notice the date.

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You can see EasyADF in action on YouTube:

[ Show youtube player ]

We can provide download option on request.
This third video seems to be the relevent one. I'm looking to use my copies of Music-X, MidiQuest, Bars & Pipes, etc. in my Amiga Forever emulation. Everything I've read thus far on creating ADFs has been very involved and very technical, so I've been looking for a one-click option.

I will want to create the ADF, save it to my A600's hard drive, then transfer it to my PC, using Amiga Explorer. I still haven't figured out what to do with the ADF, once I've got it on my PC, but one thing at a time, I guess . . .

Yes, I am interested in a download option - how would we do this? Shall I PayPal the amount to your email address, and you send me the program to my email, as an attachment?

Your help is appreciated!

Edit to add: I should probably contact you through your site or via PM. I don't know what the rules of the forum are, being a newbie, and I don't want to violate the TOS.

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