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One of the reasons I wasn't too fond of F2b (though it was fairly good), was the bugs in the game which would sometimes prevent you from completeing a part of the game. Well either it's bugs or it's just me not knowing what to do. I completed the first 3 levels. Then formatted. After I restarted I never managed to complete level 1, every time I had gotten the transmitter I had to go through that room next to the hall. Problem now was that no matter what I did, a new morph would always appear to take the place of the morph I killed. It was impossible for me to go to the door in the other part of the room without getting shot or absorbed.

That about sums up the last 4 times I've installed played F2B. Only got further a couple of times (apparently at random), and always died in the next room, and thus had to go back.
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