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/me pats Akira's head: "Good boy!"


Well then I'll have to get Amiga De to run Amiga OS 3.9 then.
AmigaOS 3.x will only run on Classic Amigas (i.e. Amiga that still have the old custom chips) - or emulated classic Amigas. AmigaOS 4.x will run on any PPC Motherboard that comes with an AmigaOS license. AmigaDE will run hosted on Windows, Linux and MacOS, but it's in no way related to anything you know as "Amiga".

That's about it. And don't put too much hopes into OS5, that's absolute vapourware at the moment. It may run on x86 - or it may run only on some obscure 64bit Architecture. It may look like AmigaOS - or it may look like some StarTrek console. It may come with integrated porn stuff - or it may come with integrated Digital Rights mechanisms. Nobody knows (not even Amiga Inc. themself, I guess).
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