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No, they would have wasted any money they had on 'failed projects'

Originally Posted by Hobbe View Post
See it like this. By the time the game Doom came out, the highest-end PC could run it at full speed with every setting turned on to max. The highest-end Amiga, source port provided, would have barely displayed a thumbnail slideshow.

Amiga was years ahead of it's time, and years behind the PC's time, so even if Commodore had been loaded, they would have been forced to rebuild everything from scratch to somehow mimick the performance PC's had achieved, effectively killing the Amiga by turning it into an antithesis of itself.
Actually as a PC user who played Doom when it was first released back in 93, I remember it ran really well on my mid-range PC. That was why DOOM made such an impact, you didn't need to have a super-duper PC to play the thing

Quake 1 on the other had was different, you really did need a high-end machine (at the time) to play the thing at a decent frame-rate.

Interesting fact. When Jay Miner was asked in the late eighties if he would have done anything differently when he designed the original chipset he said that he wished he'd realised that colour depths were going to improve rapidly and had opted for a chunky video chipset rather than the planar. If this had happened (eg they had gone with Chunky) then the Amiga could have done Doom in it's sleep and may even have got an official port in a timely manner

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