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If you can twist up an arexx script to control your commercial Amiga image processing package, you probably don't need PicConvert to render batches. But, yeah, it's the first thing I've come across that batches unified pallet HAM frames for the rest of us, making some wild full-motion Amiga desktop-video possible in DPaint5.

For batching HAM, PicConvert provides by default a base-pallet of 16 or 64 grays. I'm thrilled because DPaint5 anims and their animbrushes display consistantly, frame-to-frame, HAM colors based on one 16 or 64 register pallet.

I have not heard of CDXL.
How I mean a locked pallet is in the function of a graphics rendering program option. The images themselves are only unified.

PicConvert is pre-directed to render HAM colors from default gray scale base-registers, as opposed to other programs that instead automatically generate an adaptive base-register pallet to best represent each individual image.

As far as I can tell, when I load 24-bit IFF images into DPaint, the program will always compute and assign an adaptive pallet for each single F1 batch-loaded frame of animation.

However, video first processed to HAM by PicConvert load as animations that provide a very flexible DPaint animbrush.

When loaded into other pallet modes, HAM8 animbrushes remap nicely to the fewer, thoughtfully selected colors. Picking up whole screen-sized animbrushes permit entire animations to be converted to fewer colors in a few steps.

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