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Everyone i knew and myself hoped for a pc amiga, one that was inline with the specs or better of the pc of its day. Able to use all the cheap devices and not be locked. And sure it could of been bothe games and bussiness as pc's are today. C knew this but had bad management or other worries not able to do it.

Look at all the amigas that got put into a tower 'pc like'. I'm sure then there was many amiga user wanting a pc amiga. But they knew that the cheaper pc graphics and more could never be used in such a setup, while never able to afford amiga graphics cards. Little wonder many many amiga users jumped boat to a pc and cheap pc devices. The end was nigh for the amiga.

I wonder if Bill Gates probably could of been in there somewhere. Who was behind the amiga buyout was it gates money in a secret deal. A deal that no one knew Gates was masterminding to ensure victory for windows os. He must have thought of it. Or if the amiga did start to sell pc amiga pcs, would have been a thorn in his side to contend with.
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