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"If commodore had $$millions in `92, would the amiga still be around?"

Amiga is still around today, despite Commodore going bankrupt.

"would it have eventually morphed into a pc but with Amiga OS instead of generic PC`s with windows?"

No, Commodore were already selling Intel PCs under the Commodore name, they had no need to stick the Amiga name or OS in them.

And by the way, DOOM runs fine on my 030 A1200 with AGA, full screen. Maybe it would need the postage-stamp view to run on a 68000, but Amigas had 030 and 040 accelerators available for years before DOOM came out. Just because most of you decided to spend your money on a PC rather than an accelerator for your Amiga just to play DOOM doesn't make the Amiga any less capable of running such a game. Add a graphics card and it'll run even faster without needing to use C2P conversion.

Commodore failed when they tried to enter the PC market while leaving Amiga Research and Development behind. Had they focussed more on the Amiga and given us another revolutionary machine like the original, we might have something decent to use as an alternative to the shit we have to choose from these days.
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