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The problem was two fold...

1. Business customers would never adopt a non PC standard EVER, think of the training for engineers and staff and think of the costs of redesigning networks etc. Hell even IBM couldn't crack it with PS/2 architecture and OS/2 operating system.

2. Commodore pissed away their advantage of Daphne Agnus Paula for nearly a decade AND stuck with a 68000 for over half a century.

The A500 and A2000 are essentially the same as the A1000 which is a 1985 design! And the A3000 was not really any better than the A2000 + 16/25mhz 030 C= cpu card inside. FAIL.

Meantime the PCs were getting...faster and faster CPUs EVERY YEAR, then 16bit sound cards, then 256 colour 640x480 graphics blah blah. Cost didn't matter, Amiga lost the technical advantage some time around the A2000--->A3000. So you are non standard, not faster, and perceived as a games machine/toy despite being a superior serious computer thanks to the OS. Damage was done nothing anyone could do would have saved Commodore by the 90s. it's launch I think the A4000/040 was more powerful than an equivalent PC CPU wise...certainly the Amiga A4000 128mb card came well before any such 128mb PC. Well that's what the AF review stated or was it CU Amiga. Price was also sky high too...most Amiga buyers wanted a 'bargain'

End of the day RJ Mical and Jay Miner and co gave the world the most advanced (compared to its rivals) machine anywhere, it made the Macintosh look like the overpriced piece of shit it was and the PC the C64 level competitor NOT Amiga competitor that it was. Commodore pissed it all away anyway....and by 1990+ though there should have been an affordable 28mhz 020 (020 and 030 doesn't really make much difference to performance really and a 28mhz 020 would have made the cut better for the bean counters) 256 colour on screen 16bit 4 channel DAC equipped machine, and in a beautifully built and elegant case (not the pig ugly 'melted' A500 or the 'no styling at all' A2000 hunks of shit they put out) The A500 didn't even have a TV modulator built in...where did all the money go? They would have been better off sticking to a new cost reduced motherboard in the original A1000 case!

Anyway once Windows 95 launched the party was over for EVERYONE. If a business could still run DOS based hardware AND enjoy W.I.M.P. environment it was all that was needed. Didn't matter if it was a pathetic kludge of an OS it existed and the staff could use it quicker than DOS and CHEAPER than a complete paradigm shift of office equipment from PCs to either Amigas or IBM PS/2 or anything else out there like Macs.

And we all lived happily ever after....well after Steve Jobs or Bill Gates has injected you with some serious narcotics so you don't notice how boring and pathetic computers are to use today
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