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Ooh, cool that sounds like a really interesting project, I'd love to see the finished results. I've seen some really clever tricks done with the DPaint move requestor, like a Star Wars-style text scroller that disappears into the distance, and a title for a game that flew at the screen from a small point in the background, spinning as it grew larger.

I'll have to check out PicConvert and see if it does a better/faster job than Image Studio. Image Studio has some very nice dithering options too, more than just the standard FS and Ordered dithering that most programs have.

Did you manage to make a locked 12bit HAM6 palette? Does it have all 4,096 possible colours in it? That's one thing I'd love to have, a locked 12bit 4,096 colour palette I can remap my images to to use in CDXLs that won't make the colours go all funny when the pens in the palette start changing with each new frame.
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