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Originally Posted by st-th View Post
Progress on v1.08 is steady, but rather slow for all kinds of reasons.
Perhaps you need some help then ?

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
There's an "auto de-runer" now. If you're like me and can't be bothered to decode all these runes by yourself, turn this one on and let the game do it for you.
I'm certainly like you ! But if possible it ought to be linked with the use of the paper giving the "right" to decode them. Use it... and from now all runes are automatically decoded.

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
The English version also has a pimped-up "Mando's Sword" compared to the German one.
And its bonuses aren't correctly accounted for on the Mando character

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
Uncursing items doesn't work at all. Dito for the German version. As there is only one cursed item in the whole game (Schlangenhelm / Snake Helmet), this is only important if you actually equip the thing as you can't remove it anymore and it cripples the character's stats badly. Trying to cast "remove curses" randomly? destroys objects you wear and messes up character stats. If I can't fix this one, I'll probably make the helmet uncursed and change the spell's name and effect so they won't have a chance to ruin people's games.
People's games can be ruined in other ways, e.g. when they fail at learning a spell...
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