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Going nowhere

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Fade to Black - PC

Right chaps.... I played this game a long time ago and then broke the CD I had of the game and didn't every play it again.

Recently it cropped up in a thread, and I seem to be very much in a minority here...... I liked the game, and the fact it had lots of 'confusing' keyboard controls didn't affect me as I used to play BBC B Micro games, so I was brought up on keyboards!

So, I have downloaded it, and I have now gotten further than I ever did when I first owned it.

I am currently stuck in THE PYRAMID level.... and I dont see why I should be!

The point I am stuck in is where you are supposed to put the crystals you collect onto their respective places, when you have done it, the Pyramid is supposed to appear and you can then exit out the door...... problem is, it just doesn't do it!!!

I thought maybe I had done something wrong, so I found a complete solution to it, and followed the solution to the letter (pretty much the same course I took) and whaddya know? Same shit... still stuck in the same place. I have followed the GEM CODE which tells you where to put the gems, and I have finally had enough!

Is the Hybrid version from The Underdogs a bad CD crack or something? I simply cannot get any further and its doing my head in.... I dont play games often.... this game just reinforces the view that I really shouldn't bother!

Anyone know what to do?
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