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Originally Posted by mulligans_flat View Post
I always wondered how many actually owned the other Amigas (apart from A500 and A1200) - their price put them out of reach of most of us.
It would be interesting to find sales figures of each model in each country just to see what the proportions of each model were.

Obviously the A500 was the most manufactured Amiga in its various forms. I would then guess it is the A2000, followed by the A1200 and then possibly the A600. I can't imagine the A1000 or A3000 were made in huge quantities compared to the rest. Not sure about the A4000.

As for buying them new. I only purchased an A600, A1200, and CD32 brand new. The rest I got given for free or purchased second-hand. Best buy was my A4000 for £250 in 1996.
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