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Nothing really surprising in the interview. It's basically everything Toni has said on this forum but collated on one page. It was still a good read and should be linked to whenever someone asks for something like PPC emulation. Quick and easy.

I'm posting because of the "portable GUI library" question. While mainly directed at Toni, I feel that maybe others can assist in this matter too.

Long ago I found wxWidgets ( ) and have used it in every project since. I've looked at them all and the only other true contender was Qt, but as Toni says in the interview it requires a "huge separate library.". In addition, Qt is an enormous download with an unbelievably long build time.

wxWidgets on the other hand:
- Is a small download (~20mb)
- Is under a compatible licence (wxWidgets licence which is essentially LGPL - ) to WinUAE (GPL)
- Builds quickly (around 5 minutes for the entire library)
- Is cross platform ("Win32, Mac OS X, GTK+, X11, Motif, WinCE, and more")
- Has a native look and feel so you never know that wxWidgets is being used (I've confirmed this with programs I've written)
- Produces decent sized executables, even when statically compiled
- Has a few 3rd party GUI builders, the best free one in my opinion being wxFormBuilder ( )
- Has a thriving community and is well supported
- Has extensive documentation, tutorials and a good wiki
- Is still actively maintained

I don't use any OS other than Windows so I personally have no need for a cross-platform UAE, however I know it's important so I'm a long time supporter of the concept. At one point many months ago, I began porting the GUI to wxWidgets and it was progressing fairly well, however due to time constraints, I couldn't go any further. Since then the code has been lost and I have no intentions of restarting.

Hope the above helps in some way.
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