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Easy unified pallet solution found

I uncovered an important part to an easy solution on Aminet.

This single app batch-renders nice 12-bit and 18-bit HAM/HAM8 IFFs, based on one unifying gray scale gradient pallet.

I needed a solution for unifying the pallet for picking up and compositing video-elements (digitized video frame sequences) in Dpaint5 under WinUAE.

source video - AVI or Mpg1,2

Video to PNG batch - Virtualdub PNG

PNG to HAM8 batch - PicConvert - HAM8

HAM8 batch to HAM8Anim - DPaint5 Anim, Animbrush

A HAM8 animbrush can be remapped to the other Amiga modes in DPaint5, with dithering option.

Not nice as results from twisting up a script to direct ADPro or what have you, but nice results.
(EDIT: took out xnview PNG to IFF24 step, I see PicConvert accepts a few useful file types, including PNG. EDIT: inclusion - 12-bit HAM to unified gray scale pallet.)

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