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Originally Posted by Charlie View Post
I think there could be an interesting paradox here:

Safe to say everyone here has a soft spot for the Amiga & wishes it could have continued into the present...
...if only C= had remained viable.

But, if you look @ what C= was developing when they went under it's obvious they were intending to move a loooong way from the Amiga as we understand it... if C= had continued the Amiga would probably have gone AND been forgotten as it was superseded. No EAB, no Amiga scene.

Strangely we appreciate and remember the Amiga because it died.
In a way, I'm glad the Amiga was put out of its misery in 1994 - especially with the clowns who ran Commodore at that time. The best years for the Amiga were the late 80's early 90's imo...

Nowadays if the Amiga was still around it'd just turn into a glorified Intel based PC - pretty much like a Mac i'd imagine (the mac went to PPC and then, look at it now.... Intel... ) and that wasn't what the Amiga was about...

P.S. I'm in noway slating UAE - I think that's a great piece of software and will help preserve the real hardware

Wot a legacy it's left behind though.. the hardware is still incredibly cool and the demos that were released on the miggy still amaze me more than anything todays hardware could manage....

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