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Originally Posted by Kroah View Post
Yes, I talk about the sfx. More precisely, the "hit" sfx. You hear it all along the game and after hearing the one from Atari, i find the amiga sample really dull. Beside that, both games seems identical.
I'll have to check this out in a bit.

If you need some info about P3, tell me and i'll do my best.

Concerning P2, i played it a lot too. The main difference i remember is the toss ability in P2, missing in P1.

Do you remember if elementals are the same?
I don't remember much about P2 as I last played that like 24 year ago. Been drinking a few times since then.

These FAQs have some hex locations, which might help out:

Also, EAB's Minuous has some hex locations for P1 and P3's DAT files, which he uncovered while making his editors:

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