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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Looks fine in Safari. I like the design, too. Maybe some more search options would be nice in case you put a lot of content there, such as filtering Amiga only hits etc.

Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Doesn't validate, but looks perfectly ok in Opera. iBrowse, well, worry about the validation first

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
yes, give clickable links a more distinguishable look. Right now they just look like text until you hover over them. Perhaps add a tiny icon in front of them or something.

Perhaps you don't care about it, but right now your website is hell to the color blind
Ok I've changed the colours a bit so links should now be distinguishable enough without looking horribly different now.

Also added in more prettiness, cleaned up more stuff and generally made it look nicer. The "all tracks" listing now also only shows a console/thing if it has any tracks available in that category.

Also to make the file pages cleaner, the file details are now tool-tips when you hover over a file itself.

Any other ideas or content requests?
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