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Oh, and before you ask how to get the LhA archive from a PC to the non-internet Amiga, here is how:

Take an Amiga disk (DD = Double density) and format it on the PC as 720KB (yes, make sure it is only 720KB, not 1.44MB).

Then copy the archive to the disk. If you do not have a LhA dearchiver yet, also get the archive from Aminet and copy it on the disk, too.

Go to the Amiga, boot from the Workbench disk, insert and open the Storage disk, open the DosDrivers drawer and open the PC0 program. Open the Workbench disk and the System drawer and there the Shell program.

Then insert the PC disk. An MSDOS icon should appear on the Workbench desktop. If not, enter cd pc0: in the Shell window.

Now enter ram:

ram:lha x pc0:hdinst ram:

and close the Shell window.

Open the Ram Disk disk and start HDinsttool.
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