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Sorry to dig up this thread, but Nogg pointed me to it by email.

If you see no objection, i post here your question:
Originally Posted by Nogg
I stumbled upon your reverse engineering site and was excited to discover that you have an entry for Phantasie III: The wrath of Nikademus. However, there was no further info as to how and what you had reversed about the game. As someone who as played the game fanatically and investigated much of the program and binaries myself, albeit on Amiga, it would be interesting to see what you have found.
My work on Phantasie III has been done with the Atari ST version some years ago. I'm a huge fan of the serie and i feel a little alone, until now. Everyone talk about Dungeon Master, EOB, Bard's Tale and other ADD games (Krynn...). They are good indeed, but what about the Phantasie serie (the third settlement especialy)?

There were so many things i wanted to know about this game (items, monsters, dungeons and scripts), i couldn't stand to reverse engineer some parts of the engine. The monster.dat file was not enough to file my curiosity.

So i begun decompiling it. I wrote a C# tool to read dungeons map data and to parse dungeons script. The user can simulate the moves of the party in the dungeon (to trigger events) and when the script needs some information (if the party owns an item for example), it asks the user.

I want to add more features like showing the whole script as a text file or even edit dungeon files, but it's not on my priority list right now (working on my Colonial Conquest remake).

Concerning the game engine itself, i was pleased to understand the combat rules (damage, body hit location) and spells effects. I better understood the monster.dat file too and how monsters were randomly chosen.

I wrote a world map viewer too, but found nothing new about them (Scandor, plane of light, plane of darkness, underworld) .

Finally, i wrote a little sprite viewer for monsters (no hidden monsters too ).

If more people are interested in these information, i'll put up everything online on my website as i did for Alternate Reality.

You can contact me here or at my reverse engineering forum.


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