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How about this...

2Gb of Ram physically on machine with MEM=512M in GRUB. Works on this mobo but none of the others I have tried (4 so far) so basically shouldnt work

SATA drives - NO IDE - and SATA obviously enabled in BIOS. Nearly all mobos refuse with SATA apart from VIA and NForce SATA - this is Intel SATA?!!

Oh yeah, all with the ORIGINAL kernel (which doesnt support SATA). I have since switched to GC 3.10 mainly cos the Boing Ball works properly with that (whereas original gives a green border when loading).

Mobo? The Intel D945GCLF2... yup, that little mini ITX dual core Atom mobo!!! I think I have probably sussed which mobos will and won't work and had a C2D 3.2Ghz Amithlon machine as well....

I've not yet worked out how to install audio and LAN so the onboard LAN and Sound might not work but I have compatible PCI cards and the mobo can support a PCI riser and two cards.

Now I need some help in the actual Amithlon setup since I have compatible hardware. Volunteers?

BTW, I didnt like AmigaSYS for Amithlon. I think I prefer the OS 3.9 default look... but I'm kinky that way!!!
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