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The original Klaren's Battle Squadron soundtrack contains the perfect feel of the 80's. All those Miami Vice synth drums, catchy main tune and overall kind of feeling that the composer wants to show-off with his super synthesizer to play all those cool samples and sound effects the machine can produce.

The reason why so many Amiga remix songs fails is that the arranger "flattens" the song. When instruments sound like a standard PC MIDI instruments there's rarely point to make a remix at all.

Good remixes catch the main idea of the song, the athmosphere and adds to them something new and interesting. My example of Amiga / C64 remix is not a perfect remix but I like Sonic Wanderer's Giana Sister remix mainly because alltough it may heard a bit monotonous 90's basic trance song it has a very effective bass and drum lines. Also it contains enough variation and new ideas to make it interesting. Finally the song is a bit sad and moody and also angry too, everything that I like in Amiga remix!

Sonic Wanderer's Giana cover:
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