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No, don't forget it. Here is what you need to do, it is quite easy:

- prepare your harddisk so that the destination partition is empty.
- copy the Workbench disk to the harddisk.
- copy the Extras disk to the harddisk.
- create three drawers called Storage, Locale and Fonts
- copy the disks Storage, Locale and Fonts into the corresponding folders.
- rearrange and snapshot the icons on the harddisk.
- remove all disks and reboot.

To copy the entire contents of a disk:

- open the source drawer.
- choose Window/Show/All Files from the menu.
- choose Window/Select Contents from the menu.
- hold down the shift key and drag the icons to the destination drawer.

To create a new drawer:

- open the destination drawer.
- choose Window/New Drawer from the menu.
- enter the name.
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