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So... Anyone seen Unreal Tournament 2003?

Seriously though - I just like games. Old ones, new ones, whatever. I think there are the occasional good ones amoung the heaps of FPS crap - and many are crap, that is why they have got such a bad name. Not all are crap though. I don't really think that the games companies have really taken advantage of the game form yet. I am sure it will happen one day - either that - or you will get the occasional decent game come out.

Take Half Life, that has got to be the most absorbing game I have ever played. I really did think I was Gordan Freeman, and boy did those creepy face huggers make me jump!

Not a game for the weak hearted.

Recently, I found Jedi Knight almost as good - but for different reasons... I played it before I saw Epi-2 - and it is so similar to the Jedi! They were my collegues in the fight against the dark force... Probably one of the reasons why I liked the film so much. And fighting with a light sabre is just too cool...

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