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Ultima Underworld is a brilliant game. I played it back when I was researching my CRPG book. I have DosBox; I'll have to look into the audio options. I know there are several. Doom tends to get all the publicity.

I touched on text adventures a bit in [ Show youtube player ], but yeah, I've been thinking more about it. I think to really do it right, I would need the actual Infocom packaging and all, so I could show all the cool feelies and stuff that came with the games.

Re: Shoonay--I think you're not the only one. It takes quite awhile before you really feel comfortable playing the game, despite the efforts to streamline the interface. It's a fascinating question, really--you might want people to be able to do all sorts of different things, but how can you enable them to do it without making the interface too complicated? This game made huge strides, but of course they couldn't have anticipated all of the nice things in modern interfaces that make games easier to control. Some of the contemporary magazine reviews I read were even skeptical of the mouse--not many gamers had mice, so that could have impacted sales.

Thanks for the all the nice comments. What a great forum community you guys have here!

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