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I don't know anything about emulation but perhaps it doesn't run on anything higher than an 030, perhaps it doesn't like certain caches, perhaps it needs a certain setpatch revision OR another patch program in it's startup, check the floppy s:startup-sequence or userstartup if it exists. Run snoopdos and see what libraries it calls, perhaps you need an older ones, maybe it doesn't like 2 meg chip? maybe it needs 16 bit fast? heh LOL Some older software just crashes instead of telling you the reason, Snoopdos could help out...

Maybe it doesn't like AGA? Perhaps it doesn't like ECS? I don't know what year the software was released...

Anyway, libraries, commands, revisions, handlers and bits and pieces, settings it what needs to be examined


ah... I just reread your post...

It does run but fails on the menu commands...

perhaps it needs arexx running, are the load anim seperate modules for example? or rely on scripts... It sounds like it could be a conflict with an accelerator cache... but I am only guessing...
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