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Happy Next Pet Project

Hello again everyone. Every so often I get bored and make a new website. First site I ever made was Atomic Cabbage who's main purpose was to teach me PHP, anyway, a few sites later and I felt like doing something retro related again, this time transcoding, on the fly compression and decompression of files (for uploading, downloading, etc). There's loads of stuff that goes on that you can't see on the face of it but it's all good coding experience.

Anyway, at the moment I'm looking for design improvement ideas and useful functionality that people think may be worth adding to my latest site - - please excuse the low bandwidth.

So yeah, any ideas for features to add, things that would look better some other way, etc? (previews for other formats will be added when I can find Linux command line decoders for them).

Apparently it doesn't look great in iBrowse but I have to admit that wasn't really taken into consideration :P
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