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Originally posted by Drake1009
Still sound like an interesting project. I think maybe this has been answered before.
Not sure, my memory doesn't go back that far if it was anyway...

But can you check if there were errors on the disk that shouldn't be there in the format you get?
Yes absolutely! This was one of our main goals. Describing a format already gives us some sort of noddy integrity check - the fact that all the described data elements are present on the disk. But the main verification comes from two things:

1) See all those lovely CRC alorgithms supported? We use the disk format's (or maybe the mastering machine's) own integrity checks to verify the data.

There are (stupid loaders) of many games we have seen do not actually use this information!

2) Density variations can tell us if the disk was written on commercial mastering hardware, or on (for example) an Amiga. This is how know when a disk has been modified after the original mastering.

In this way, we can tell 100% (okay, probably 99.99% just in case we make a mistake - but most of this is done automatically so unlikely - but anyhow - it would be easily fixed) if a game is correct to how it was originally mastered or not.

Is there a list of what you already have,
Everything dumped (should be) listed on the Games page on the site. However not all of these have been "analysed" so many my have been modified / have errors / virus etc. and so will not be "released".

As for a alphabetical list of what is correct - well that is coming. But it may take a little while yet - basically when we have time to do it! (we have 1000's of images now, most are checked - I just need the time to write up the results of the known ones)

and will the dumping program work on an A1200 with a harddisk?
It certainly will. However if you want to use your hard disk you need 6-8Mb of RAM - if this is not the case - you will have to dump directly to another computer (using PC2Amiga or similar) - and that only requires a standard A1200...
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