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Re: Re: Another CAPS update...

Originally posted by RetroMan

Nice But I would prefer to hear the news, that you open your files for public access first Anyway, keep up the good work !
I know your just partly joking but the reason why we were so public so early (actually - it is really the only reason) is because we wanted to make sure we can handle every type of copy protection ever used on floppy disks - we could not do this without having the disks in the first place!

So basically, the reason is that we needed to go public is to get people to contribute - dump their disks etc.

We have actually completed this phase of the project, but what is the point in going "under cover" again? Being as free with our developments as we are (1) gets more people to contribute (2) keeps the people that have contributed happy about their contribution.

We *will* preserve every game ever commercially produced under the Amiga platform! (well, if not - we can have a damn good try)

Anyway, I will shut up now

Update: Oh, actually not quite yet. The files as they are, are basically useless to anybody but us. We need to analyse, check and convert them to a "release" format first. This release format has not yet been defined....

Anyway, I will really shut up now - or until another post anyway

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