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Originally Posted by Tempest 2084 View Post
86mb of pure gaming goodness or 86mb of average filler?

BTW this block of text is supposedly hidden in the exe file. Funny if a bit sad...

At the beginning the programmers were happy and did rejoice at their task, for the Amiga before them did shineth and was full of promise. But then they did look closer and did see'th the awful truth; it's floppies were tiny and sloweth (rareth was its hard drive). And so small was it's memory that did at first appear large; queereth also was its configuration(s). Then they did findeth another Amiga, and this was slightly different from the first. Then a third, and this was different again. All different, but not really better, for all were pseudo backward compatible. But, eventually, it did come to pass that Steel Sky was implemented on a 1meg os-legal CBM Amiga. And the programmers looked and saw that it was indeed a miracle. But they were not joyous and instead did weep for nobody knew just what had been done.
Mhm. You just made me try BASS on a 1 meg Amiga and see if what sounds like a noskill whine is indeed a miracle. Apologies beforehand if this is the code to end all efforts of coders, but well... I'm just going to try it.
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