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Question about setXA (Microbotics M1230XA) utility


Just a question. I have a Microbotics M1230XA accelerator with a 128 Mb SIMM installed on my A1200, Rev. 2B Motherboard witch Kick 3.1 ROMs.

My system shows up the 128 megs (Workbench titlebar) but if I open the setXA utility the processor and coprocessor type and speed are correct, but RAM shows as 'NONE' (as if no RAM was installed). Is that normal ??

If I manually specify 128 Mb, 70 ns. and press the "Save" button, the next time I open the utility again neither RAM size nor RAM speed show ... again is this normal?

I remember some time ago I was able to manually set the amount of RAM and the configuration after pressing the save button was stored succesfully ... don't know the reason why I can't now ...

Any ideas ??
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