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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Of course there is. Just press right Amiga+A (for abort).
ah, hmm, thnx. winuae only, and keys are not maped (missing Amiga-Keys). but found the menu-entry on the most left, this works too

Edit: after some learning procedures, I've fiddled with AmiExpress ($VER: Version v4.4 (Aug 21 1994, 19:42:44) - size: 323588 bytes) and here is a problem:
the code is relative to A4, first occurance is right at the start: "LEA (START+$04FA58).L,A4" but the biggest offset is $48A1E. so i cant jump to the "$04FA58" offset and use the Special menu (convert ...,A4). :/
are there some unsupported hunks, resource cannot handle?

Edit: *some days later* does really noone know, how to cope with this?

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